AyurFab Services -

Ayurfab is also interested in associating with like-minded individual and organization to promote this concept worldwide. The organization who is already into the textile business who likes to convert their products to natural dyeing they can use our Ayurvedic dyeing job work services

To get the services the following things to be done

  1. Send a request email to AyurFab with your organization details for the dyeing job work.
  2. Ayurfab Team will analysis and will arrange a discussion in a conference call about your actual requirements.
  3. The customer can buy our shade reference card and will give the shade choice with the details of the fabrics and an MOU copy.
  4. The Proforma Invoice will be given to the customer with the Terms and Condition including delivery date.
  5. The customer will give a PO with advance mentioned and a signed MOU with AyurFab Team.
  6. The order will be completed and the images will be sent to the customer. After paying the balance the product will be dispatched.

You can call or WhatsApp Mr. Sunil Rathod at +00 91 9448680115

Other Services:

Ayurfab also supports its customers with workshop and training programs to know more about the concept and have a proper understanding of the concept.

1.) Workshop 1-day program (Bangalore & Erode)

Timing: 11 am to 3 pm with Tea and Organic Lunch
Cost: INR 5000/- per participant
Date: Monthly 2 times decided as per registration


  1. Introduction to Ayurfab Textile Concept
  2. Different Natural Fibers used in AyurFab
  3. Ayurvedic Pre-processing of cotton yarns /woven / knit fabrics
  4. Different type of dye-yielding plants and Herbs
  5. Preparation of Ayurvedic Dyeing
  6. Natural Mordants uses
  7. Advantage of Ayurfab dyeing concept
  8. Business prospective using Ayurfab concept


  1. Pre-processing of cotton/silk fabrics
  2. Preparing Natural dyes for 3shades (yellow/pink/ brown)
  3. Natural Dyeing with 3 shade in cotton and silk


"To revive the safe eco-friendly dyeing method to the modern textile, thus giving pure textiles to the users".


"To support farmers for cultivating of dye yielding herbs promote handloom weavers and allied industry.".

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