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AyurFab's concept is unique and different from the conventional natural dyeing process.

Ayur Fab concept Focuses on:-

1.) Using Ayurveda goodness on fabrics for making different shades adds value to wellness and comfort. Ayurveda uses medicinal herbs for the treatment of many diseases the same herbs we use for textile dyeing so the goodness is transferred to fibers which ensure true terms with natural clothing and wellness.

2.) To Revive the pure safe traditional dyeing process where the world is well aware of the environmental damage caused by the process of synthetic use of bleaching and dyeing of textiles.

Today the majority of our water sources are polluted and the main pollutant is the textile industry even conventional natural dyeing process also uses some synthetic chemicals for pre-processing with mordents used are toxic and cannot be degraded. We at AyurFab have come to rescue and stop the spread of toxic chemicals by reviving the pure traditional dyeing methods in the modern textile world

3.) Focus on wellness aspects in textiles:

AyurFab's concept focuses on making wellness textiles rather than giving importance to glamour, bright shades, and fastness, etc. Generally, AyurFab shades are light and sensitive to water but the goodness to the environment and its users is the advantage

We advise every earthling should use the concept for the betterment of our world and many products which will give comfort and wellness please visit our product page.
After knowing the negative impact of the synthetic dyes to natural resources and living organism many countries banned the synthetic dyed textiles which use a certain type of toxic dyestuff. The users of the synthetically dyed textiles also had health problems that are proved in a study.
There was a search for alternative and safe technology of dyeing from the community so we at AyurFab have made intensive Research and Development and found the traditional Indian dyeing method had all goodness to solve these issues and so we revived the safe dyeing method and marketing in the Ayurfab brand.


"To revive the safe eco-friendly dyeing method to the modern textile, thus giving pure textiles to the users".


"To support farmers for cultivating of dye yielding herbs promote handloom weavers and allied industry.".

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