AyurFab – Natural Ayurvedic Herbal Dyed Textiles

AyurFab the name along with it carries a legacy of trust imposed on it by an ever-expanding pool of its satisfied customers. The name AyurFab is derived from two words- Ayur (Health) and (fab) Fabrics, thus AyurFab means Healthy Fabrics.

Showing complete justice to the goodwill earned, people behind this initiative have done everything possible to assure the best wellness properties of the fabrics. Proven techniques are implemented and completely eco-friendly safe natural authentic dyeing processes are followed.

An expert team of the workforce is guided by efficient leaders having extensive experience and acquaintance in the related natural ayurvedic traditional dyeing methods.

Also, the workforce is provided with regular training to enhance their skills in the process and production based on feedback from the users and customers and this always paves way for more perfection in the final products.

Introduction about Herbal Dyeing:

Ayurvedic is a unique method of dyeing that uses medicinal rich herbs for making various shades with wellness properties. This method of dyeing was practiced in India until the 18th century.

The old rishis and siddas used this technique to cure many diseases including wounds. There are so many pieces of evidence until today in India, newborn babies are wrapped with ayurvedic dyed cloth dyed with turmeric to protect them from microorganisms during the time of birth.

Skin being the largest organ in the human body, The Ayurvedic Textiles works wonders on human skin as it enhances immunization.

Ayur Fab has created many wonderful products with Ayurvedic Dyes like sleep enhancing bed sets, aromatic pillow, neem rich towels, comfortable anti-microbial innerwear, yoga wear, and yoga mats.

Why Ayur Fab?

Ayur Fab textiles are eco-friendly, sustainable with wellness properties. Ayur fab protects the environment because its process is purely natural and does not harm nature. Its runoff can be used as manure.


To revive the safe eco-friendly dyeing method to the modern textile thus giving pure textiles and wellness to the users.


To support farmers for cultivating of dye yielding herbs promote handloom weavers and allied industry.

Ayur Fab Team is committed to its purity and quality in the Ayurvedic Dyeing process and supports its customers to get the best products and services.

Ayur Fab welcomes like-minded individuals and organizations to support our missions to save from environmental pollution and health.

Ayur Fab is an ethically focused company committed to using sustainable and fair-trade materials. We use natural fabrics and organic cotton in our production. Most of the plants and herbs are purchased from the farmer's tribal society in Western and Eastern Ghats, thus uplifting the standard of living of the tribal community.

Ayurfab will have natural earthly shades (see process page) we have standardized 12 shades and the lotto lot shade variation is normal and mostly many shades are sensitive to light and water so naturally tend to fade and lose shade after some washes but never loses its quality.

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